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Do You Know Your Season?

A new year brings a fresh new start for many people.┬áMany work on resolutions, others set goals they then strive to achieve. I often find myself giving our home a little refreshing early on in the year. With Santa and our families always being overly generous during the holidays, the aftermath can feel a bit overwhelming. We’ve already done a ‘toy cleanse’ with our children, getting rid of broken items or toys with missing parts and donating anything they no longer use. Another benefit of this process is discovering toys they had forgotten about which makes them feel brand new!

Once the toys are tackled, I then turn to our closets. Since we find ourselves often stuck indoors during the winter, it inevitably seems to be a great time to work on de-cluttering. I recently read somewhere (for the life of me I can’t remember where…let’s blame that on the pregnancy) how one woman tied a ribbon in her closet and placed everything to one side of it as she wore it. Time will soon tell what you’re always turning to and what you may not have touched in years. Those are the items you’ll need to consider purging. On this note, I want to touch on the subject of choosing clothing that works for you (or alternatively, what you should be tossing). I did a series titled ‘Making Color Work For You’ a few months into starting this blog. I know there are many of you that weren’t around for it, and others that may need a quick refresher as I always do. When you have a chance, take a few minutes to read through the following:

Making Color Work for You / Making Color Work For You: Part 2 / Making Color Work For You: Part 3 / Making Color Work For You: Part 4


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The process of color analysis (and determining whether you are a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter) is the basis behind every clothing purchase I make. Knowing the colors that work the best with your skin tone, eye and hair color as well as finding your perfect shades of makeup, can make a world of difference. Reading through the series, you should be able to get a pretty good feeling of where you fall. Once you do this, a great idea would be to snap a pic of your color wheel and turn to it anytime you’re out shopping. As appealing as black can be, I know it’s a terrible color for me which makes it easy to pass by on the racks. Trust me, shopping (and purging) can be a much simpler process keeping this idea in mind.

Let me know, did you already know your season or were you able to gauge a good guess as to which you are?


  • Sarah Beth says:

    I learned the ribbon trick from Hilary Rushford’s blog. I literally don’t have room for a ribbon so I like the idea of turning all the hangers backwards and turn them around as you wear pieces. I think I’m a summer. Maybe this will be one more tool to help me purge stuff from my closet! Thanks!

  • marisa says:

    Oh I like that idea too! Purging is always refreshing and it’s such a continual process. PS I’m a Summer too :)

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