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Welcome to part 4 of Making Color Work for You. If you missed last week, you can read Part 3 here. Now that it’s been determined whether you are a Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, we’re going to discuss the role that make-up plays. Just as certain colors of clothing look best on you, certain shades of make-up will also bring out the best of your features.

If Color Analysis interests you as much as it does me, I recommend getting your hands on the Color Me Beautiful book by JoAnne Richmond. There are swatches and images of particular shades of make-up for each season that are great to have as a reference.


I’m going to break this part down by season, so feel free to jump to your particular section.


Eyeliners should be medium to navy blue, palm green or light to medium brown. Eyeshadows include light browns, light greens and copper. Blush should be light and warm tones such as peach, salmon and light corals. The best lipsticks include peach, apricot, mango and melon shades. Glosses look best with a golden tint. Brown and navy mascaras work the best.


(Light skin tones): Eyeliners range from medium brown to brown-black espresso. Eye shadows include medium to dark brown, medium olive greens, and medium shades of copper. Blush can range from deep salmon tones to terra cotta. Lipsticks will look best in deep and warm shades of cinnamon, peach and terra cotta and gloss will look best with a gold tint. Mascara looks best in black or brown.

(Deep skin tones): Eyeliners can be dark brown or black. Eye shadows include chocolate tones, moss and forest greens, and bronze and golden tones. Blush colors range form dark copper, cinnamon and walnut tones. Lipsticks should be in the medium to dark brown family and will include sable mocha and raisin. The best mascara will be dark brown to soft black.


Eyeliners will include medium blues, medium greens and charcoal. The best eye shadows are a mixture of green blue, blue grays and lavender. Blushes include soft pink, rose and soft plum. Pink, rose and plum are the best shades of lipstick and glosses will look best with a silver shimmer. Mascaras in navy and charcoal are appropriate for Summers. Brown can be too warm and black too severe.


(Light skin tones): Eyeliners include charcoal and navy. Eye shadows that work the best are medium to dark grays, medium to dark plums and medium to dark teal. Blush will include soft reds, deep pinks, and wine. The best shades of lipstick are hot pink, ruby, bright red and plums. Glosses should be silver toned. Mascaras should be navy or black.

(Dark skin tones): Eyeliners include black and dark indigo blue. Eye shadows look best in shades of deep gray, deep plum, and deep teal. The best blush colors will be deep shades of brandy or cranberry. Lipsticks include black cherry to medium purple tones and deep pinks to rich reds. Black mascara works best.


Now you can not only feel your best wearing clothing that makes you stand out, but your appropriate makeup will have you looking your absolute best.

Many of you have reached out with questions throughout this series and I encourage you to do so. Although it’s nearly impossible to analyze someone when not in person, if you have questions relating to your specific season, I’m happy to answer or do my best to find the answer for you.


Note: All information is being adapted from the Color Me Beautiful book by Joanne Richmond.



  • Seana says:

    Hi. Love your post. I have a hard time figuring out what season is me. I have fair skin with dark blue eyes. I thought warmer colors look best on me, but doing some research there are indicators im more cool. I can wear both silver and gold ok. I look better in white or winter white than beige or tan.

    • marisa says:

      Hi Seana! Hair color (natural) plays a big role as well, so pay attention to that too. And yes, although some people can pull off many colors, it’s not necessarily what looks the best on them. It can help to look in the mirror without makeup on and compare some colors such as silver and gold…even if both look good, one will likely stand out as looking a bit better on you. Hope that helps!

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