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So maybe it was never a rule, but it was definitely a fashion faux pas to wear black and blue. In particular, black and navy blue. This season seems to be pushing past that and moving right on to embracing it. I have to say I’m welcoming this trend. I’ve always thought that the colors pair well together and can look quite classy. Especially in the fall when white is out, you have very few color options to pair with a navy top. Being able to throw on black trousers/denim/leather bottoms is very appealing.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, check out my black and blue inspiration board and let me know what you think. I’ll know I have been inspirational if I can win my mother over. After reading my post on mixing prints, she told me she’s too old school for that one. Not every trend is for every person, but I’m thinking this one has a broad appeal. And maybe not so much a trend but a rule that’s officially broken :)


  1. Mossimo top via Target
  2. alice + olivia top via Shop Bop
  3. Madewell top
  4. Juicy Couture pullover
  5. Ella Moss dress via Anthropologie
  6. LOFT topĀ 
  7. BB Dakota top via Shop Bop (not navy, but I love this top!)
  8. Torn by Ronny Kobo dress via Shop Bop
  9. Wilfred Free cardigan via Aritzia
  10. alice + olivia top via Shop Bop
  11. Rebecca Taylor shift via Piperlime




  • Jonnaysa says:

    I love black and blue! I have this great little loft skirk that is blue and wear it with a black cami! It can be dressed up or down with jewlery and heels or flats! Love it!!!

  • Sandy Harteis says:

    So, it looks like I was in the Hot Seat earlier, but I definitely agree with the blacks and blues. I obviously love black, and I have paired it many times with certain shades of blue. Good job, my lovely daughter!

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