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Gift Guide: Boys

Wrapping up the week of gift guides, I’m finishing with a gift guide for the boys. As I did with the girls, I attempted to share an array of items that would cover a range of ages. Granted many items on this guide may be appealing to the girls and vice versa (my girls love playing family laser tag and a Nintendo switch is on Madelyn’s list as well), so you may find it helpful to cross reference both. Let’s move along and share what I’ve gathered…

For the younger guys who love imaginary play, this tent is the perfect setup to set the stage. This dinosaur advent calendar is a gift the recipient could enjoy all month long. There’s a Pokemon game, a classic yet youthful chess board or a handheld Nintendo. My son is getting more and more into video creation. Depending on the age, you could check out this VTech camera or a more advanced option such as a GoPro. I mentioned above that laser tag is a hit in our house. It’s something that everyone can get involved in, adults included! We own a couple of sets which make it all the more fun. This basketball bean bag game is perfect for a bedroom or basement where siblings could form games. I also came across a fun riddle book that I think a number of kids would enjoy. And the older they get, the more into clothing they are. New sneakers, a winter coat or even a bathrobe would be practical and hopefully appreciated!

Gift Guide: Girl

I always have such a fun time shopping for my girls. They may continue to get pickier with their clothing selections as they begin to hone in on their own personal style, but outside of clothing, they really enjoy an array of things. Instead of breaking these guides down into various age groups, I did my best to include a variety of items that would appeal to younger kids as well as those that are approaching the teenage years. I haven’t quite hit that age range in our household yet, so maybe once I do I’ll be more apt to broaden my gift guides even further!

For the younger girls, pretend play is often what many are drawn to. From playing with miniature dolls in a bakery to making creations of their own (wearing an adorable apron of course) and serving them from their own cafe or playing with a fold up dollhouse that is perfect for travel, these gifts will all encourage solo or joint playtime. If you need a great bathtime idea, these scribble pets have been a huge hit. They can color and create designs on them and then rinse them off for a fresh start. Throw in some bubbles to complete the gift! My nine year old is my crafter, so arts and crafts sets such as this one are always a hit. A beginners sewing craft is another good idea for your creative little girl. My girls both love their caboodles, even if they don’t yet use them to store makeup. They are great for organizing all their little toys and accessories too! My older two children both have lounge pillows similar to this one that they use every night while they read in bed. In all honesty, I’d love one too! If your girls are into animal print as much as mine are, check out this adorable winter coat (both of my girls have it) and this leopard onesie. Cute and cozy for Christmas break! And if you need to gather some stocking stuffers, consider some cozy socks, colorful bobby pins, festive bath bombs or some water bottle stickers (they don’t get ruined when washing!).

Gift Guide: For the Hostess

For today’s gift guide, I’ve gathered items that would be perfect to treat your host/hostesses over the holidays. Although I categorized these as hostess gifts, many of these items would work well for teachers, co-workers and friends alike. It’s always a thoughtful gesture to show our appreciation for the many people that care for us and impact our lives in various ways. Thoughtful doesn’t have to equate to expensive however, and you’ll find that just about every item here falls under the $25 price point. This way you can spread the love without breaking the bank.

Since the holidays tend to revolve around food, it feels like an obvious direction to take. I love when gifts are able to be used right away and a yummy pancake mix would be gone in to time in our house. A cute cookie set or apron for the baker, a cheese board or cocktail book for the entertainer or the most delicious hot chocolate (soooo good) for just about anyone! There’s always a fun puzzle that you’d be able to work on together or a beautiful serving bowl that could could also serve as decor. And if you’re still feeling unsure, you can never go wrong with a candle, festive hand towels and soap, or a cute set of plates. Small tokens of appreciation go a long way!

Gift Guide: For Her

As a follow-up to the guys gift guide that I shared yesterday, we are jumping right into the most exciting guide (in my opinion) and that’s the gift guide for her! Use this as a resource for your friends, sisters, mothers, sneak in a little something for yourself or send this post to your significant other as a not so subtle hint. In all honesty, this guide turned out to be the one I struggled with the most as I was pulling it together. The theme I kept coming back to overall was practical but splurge worthy. Read on and I’ll share more…

When it comes to pieces that I’m tempted to spend a little more on, I want them to be things that will get a lot of wear or use. This Ugg robe for example is more than I’d typically spend for a robe, but Jack bought it for me last year and it’s my favorite thing to cozy up in every night, all winter long. A cashmere wrap is another item that I likely wouldn’t purchase for myself, but who wouldn’t love something like this that could be worn to wrap up in chilly temperatures or to alternatively throw on as a scarf. That’s something that would remain in my closet for many years to come. A practical, everyday bag is another piece that’s worth the investment, but even better to receive it as a gift! MZ Wallace makes high quality bags in an array of sizes for whatever your day to day looks like. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to wipe clean. Then there’s a not-so-ordinary pullover that feels luxurious and worth every penny, especially if it’s a piece that you’ll get a lot of wear out of. I also included a handful of items that would be perfect to add on to another gift. Think about a cute card holder (I’ve recently started using one so I can easily switch it between purses or even tuck into a pocket when I run into a store), a pretty pair of earrings, an amazing lip balm, cozy slippers, the best scented candle or a practical scarf/glove combo. I also included a beautiful calendar for those that still love to have life written down and an incredible book for anyone that may be searching for a greater understanding of how all the stories of the Bible are woven together. There’s a little bit of everything for every lady!

Gift Guide: For Him

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and then the Christmas season will be in full swing! I began shopping earlier than normal this year which has already proven to be reducing some stress and anxiety as the holidays draw near. I never like to feel forced into a purchase, but rather love finding that perfect something that I know every recipient will appreciate. I’ve spent many hours searching and narrowing down a curated group of gift ideas that should cover a bulk of names on your list. I’ll be sharing a new gift guide everyday this week, so make sure you check back! Today we will kick off with a gift guide for those special men in your life…

Guys can tend to be a little tricky for me to shop for. You too? You can’t simply pick up a cute accessory like you can for your girlfriends, rather it takes a little more thought in finding something that is a bit more practical. For the guys that enjoy cooking, this pan is a fan favorite and it comes in a variety of colorways. This seasoning kit that comes beautifully packaged is another great idea for the grill enthusiast. These bar glasses are another great idea which you could pair with these whiskey stones to avoid diluting their beverages. These slippers (or house shoes) are rugged and warm, perfect for the winter months ahead. Some loungewear, a new hat or a great pair of sneakers would always be appreciated. I purchased these sneakers for Jack’s birthday this past spring and he always receives compliments on them. This water bottle would make a very practical gift. It has a magnetic lid that also screws shut for travel and to prevent leaking. And if you wanted to add an accessory to that gift, these ice cube trays are perfect for water bottles, avoiding the ice cube avalanche that often happens with fridge dispensers!

My hope is that this and the following gifts guides will serve as either a great starting point or on the contrary, assist in checking those final names off your list!

Fall Neutrals

I’m all for the use of color throughout the fall and winter seasons, but there’s something comforting about layering on the neutrals. The term neutral likely varies from person to person, but navy and cognac certainly fall into that category for me in terms of clothing. A great navy pant (guys, these are such a comfortable pull-on pant!) makes for a good base onto which you could layer just about any color. Sticking with the neutrals, this off-white quarter zip is already off to a running start for me this season. It’s perfect to throw a vest over or to keep you warm under your winter coats. I accented with a warm cognac wearing these suede booties (a few years old from JCrew, but here’s this years version) and my staple belt bag (see options below). A simple and timeless look that I could pull out year after year!

Sweater / Pants / Boots (similar) / Bag (see below for similar) / Bracelets (use code Lovely20)

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