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Gift Guide: Boys

Wrapping up the week of gift guides, I’m finishing with a gift guide for the boys. As I did with the girls, I attempted to share an array of items that would cover a range of ages. Granted many items on this guide may be appealing to the girls and vice versa (my girls love playing family laser tag and a Nintendo switch is on Madelyn’s list as well), so you may find it helpful to cross reference both. Let’s move along and share what I’ve gathered…

For the younger guys who love imaginary play, this tent is the perfect setup to set the stage. This dinosaur advent calendar is a gift the recipient could enjoy all month long. There’s a Pokemon game, a classic yet youthful chess board or a handheld Nintendo. My son is getting more and more into video creation. Depending on the age, you could check out this VTech camera or a more advanced option such as a GoPro. I mentioned above that laser tag is a hit in our house. It’s something that everyone can get involved in, adults included! We own a couple of sets which make it all the more fun. This basketball bean bag game is perfect for a bedroom or basement where siblings could form games. I also came across a fun riddle book that I think a number of kids would enjoy. And the older they get, the more into clothing they are. New sneakers, a winter coat or even a bathrobe would be practical and hopefully appreciated!

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