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Gift Guide: Girl

I always have such a fun time shopping for my girls. They may continue to get pickier with their clothing selections as they begin to hone in on their own personal style, but outside of clothing, they really enjoy an array of things. Instead of breaking these guides down into various age groups, I did my best to include a variety of items that would appeal to younger kids as well as those that are approaching the teenage years. I haven’t quite hit that age range in our household yet, so maybe once I do I’ll be more apt to broaden my gift guides even further!

For the younger girls, pretend play is often what many are drawn to. From playing with miniature dolls in a bakery to making creations of their own (wearing an adorable apron of course) and serving them from their own cafe or playing with a fold up dollhouse that is perfect for travel, these gifts will all encourage solo or joint playtime. If you need a great bathtime idea, these scribble pets have been a huge hit. They can color and create designs on them and then rinse them off for a fresh start. Throw in some bubbles to complete the gift! My nine year old is my crafter, so arts and crafts sets such as this one are always a hit. A beginners sewing craft is another good idea for your creative little girl. My girls both love their caboodles, even if they don’t yet use them to store makeup. They are great for organizing all their little toys and accessories too! My older two children both have lounge pillows similar to this one that they use every night while they read in bed. In all honesty, I’d love one too! If your girls are into animal print as much as mine are, check out this adorable winter coat (both of my girls have it) and this leopard onesie. Cute and cozy for Christmas break! And if you need to gather some stocking stuffers, consider some cozy socks, colorful bobby pins, festive bath bombs or some water bottle stickers (they don’t get ruined when washing!).

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