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Everyday Style: Cozy Fleece

I love fall for so many reasons, but being able (or rather, required) to wear more layers is all part of the appeal. Fleece jackets are a critical part of my wardrobe this time of year. I have some pullovers and other zip-ups as seen here. They’re all I want to reach for every chilly morning I wake up to and provide the warmth that’s needed throughout the day. Layering them over a henley shirt as I did here, makes for a low-key everyday look. I topped off the look with my first pair of high-tops since childhood. I love the simplicity of this particular pair and already have them well broken in from the few weeks that I’ve owned them. Scroll below to shop the exact and similar items that I’m wearing and have a great start to your week!

Details: Fleece / Henley / Denim / Sneakers

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Madewell Sale: Top Picks

There are a lot of sales happening at the moment (hello Prime Day and Shop Bop Fall Event), but I was personally the most excited to see a sale pop up at Madewell. I often let my online shopping carts fill up as I wait patiently for the prices to drop and cross my fingers that my sizes don’t sell out in the meantime. Am I alone here? Currently you can get 20% off of $100 and 30% off of $200+ on your Madewell purchase. I’m most excited to try this plaid blazer. I love the mix of browns and light pinks and feel as though it would get a ton of wear as my outer layer or worn underneath a heavier coat. I’ve included some of my favorites of both clothing and accessories below for you to check out. SO many great pieces for fall and beyond!

Fall Shoe Guide

As I was reviewing my falls shoes this year I realized that they all fall under a ‘practicality’ umbrella for me. I don’t think I’m alone in that this year has toned things down a bit in so many areas (will we ever go back to underwire bras?!) but as I often find myself saying, ‘practical doesn’t have to be boring’. Below I have put together my fall shoe guide for 2020 and beyond. I personally own just about every pair that I included and each one plays a role in my day to day outfits.

Uggs have always been a staple for me and last year I switched to this lower version and didn’t realize how much I’d love them. I feel like they work so well with jeans and aren’t quite as casual as my typical Uggs. The shape of this bootie by DV is almost identical to my older pairs and they’re the most flattering bootie I own. For those that need to dress business casual or for the occasional night out, these suede booties are just what you need to take your outfit up a notch.

Flats may get more wear than ever for me lately. They can elevate a casual look that may alternatively be worn with sneakers or on the other hand tone down (and add some comfort) to an otherwise dressy look. I have these Everlane flats in nude and they may be my most favorite shoe ever. They are simple yet classy and chic. The nude is sold out but I just ordered them in black as they’re currently marked down! Loafers and slides are a given, but maybe try adding a bold color or print to play around with!

Finally, sneakers. The shoe we all want to reach for is now offered in every print and style you could want! I’m branching out into the high-top world with this cute pair (they run large for me) and hoping I’m ‘cool’ enough to pull them off ;) A white pair of Converse is never a bad choice and there’s always the option to add a little animal print!

No matter what your day-to-day looks like right now, I have a good feeling that many of these options would work into your closet quite well!

Sweater jackets are a fall staple for me and have been over the past few years. I love their comfort, their style, their warmth and the wide variety of colors and prints we can now find them in! J.Crew seems to be leading the pack in this department (scroll below to see their beautiful options) and I now own quite a few of theirs in various lengths and colors. This leopard print is my newest addition and I couldn’t love it more. It has a bold print without being too overpowering and makes for a great layer over any number of outfits. To prove that case further, I styled this sweater blazer five different ways in order to give you a few ideas on how to get the most wear out of it. I took it from dressy to casual so that no matter what your day to day looks like, you’ll be able to gather some styles that work for you!

Dress (similar) / Sweater / Boots
Sweater Jacket / Sweater (similar / similar) / Pants (similar)
Sweater / Top (similar) / Jeans / Loafers
Sweater / Bodysuit / Jeans / Booties (similar)
Sweater / Shirt / Leggings / Sneakers

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Fall Home Decor Picks

Fall has arrived and as the leaves continue to turn to all their beautiful shades outside, I’m ready to bring some Autumn indoors. As the weather continues to get cooler I attempt to create a warm and cozy atmosphere around our home. That revolves around around my decorating, adding cozy throws and pillows, and then adding soups to a heavy rotation in our kitchen :)

Below I’ve gathered my selection of decor picks for the season. All of them are similar to what I use in my home and hope they can spark some joy and bring that warmth to your own space. Some of our most important work happens within the home which gives me all the more reason to work towards creating a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere for my family and friends.