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Fall Shoe Guide

As I was reviewing my falls shoes this year I realized that they all fall under a ‘practicality’ umbrella for me. I don’t think I’m alone in that this year has toned things down a bit in so many areas (will we ever go back to underwire bras?!) but as I often find myself saying, ‘practical doesn’t have to be boring’. Below I have put together my fall shoe guide for 2020 and beyond. I personally own just about every pair that I included and each one plays a role in my day to day outfits.

Uggs have always been a staple for me and last year I switched to this lower version and didn’t realize how much I’d love them. I feel like they work so well with jeans and aren’t quite as casual as my typical Uggs. The shape of this bootie by DV is almost identical to my older pairs and they’re the most flattering bootie I own. For those that need to dress business casual or for the occasional night out, these suede booties are just what you need to take your outfit up a notch.

Flats may get more wear than ever for me lately. They can elevate a casual look that may alternatively be worn with sneakers or on the other hand tone down (and add some comfort) to an otherwise dressy look. I have these Everlane flats in nude and they may be my most favorite shoe ever. They are simple yet classy and chic. The nude is sold out but I just ordered them in black as they’re currently marked down! Loafers and slides are a given, but maybe try adding a bold color or print to play around with!

Finally, sneakers. The shoe we all want to reach for is now offered in every print and style you could want! I’m branching out into the high-top world with this cute pair (they run large for me) and hoping I’m ‘cool’ enough to pull them off ;) A white pair of Converse is never a bad choice and there’s always the option to add a little animal print!

No matter what your day-to-day looks like right now, I have a good feeling that many of these options would work into your closet quite well!

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