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Everyday Style: Camouflage

Last week I focused on leopard print and my love for incorporating it into my wardrobe. This week, we’re going to start out with some camo. I can’t say that this is a predominant print in my closet, but I sure do love it here and there. I purchased this sweater last year and I’m not sure I was ever able to share it prior to it selling out. Thankfully, I found it again this year in addition to a number of similar options in the exact and similar patterns. Another component to this outfit is the camel coat. A staple in many of your closets I am sure, this thing gets a ton of wear. I grabbed this one last year as well, but here is this years version. I also gathered a few other options that you can find below. It’s such a classic and practical color that pairs well with so many outfits.

Sweater / Jeans / Sneakers / Coat (similar)

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  • Laura Bird says:

    Hi Marisa you are ADORABLE. I, for one, adore camo. Question for you – are you wearing the gray camo or the green camo? And how is the sizing on this one? TTS? Thanks . :)

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