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Life Lately

Hey guys! My apologies for the lack of posts this week, but for those of you following along on Instagram, you know things are a bit crazy over here. We are officially moving this weekend and my life is literally in boxes. I can’t wait to finally get into our home and begin to piece our life back together. If any of you are contemplating a move, don’t do it! Haha…but seriously…I told Jack I think I’d rather go through labor again than ever have to move. Wish us luck and say some prayers, we’ll need them!

I’ll leave you with an image of this doll. 7 weeks old tomorrow!! She coo’s and smiles and is starting to get a few beautiful rolls :)


Blue Maxi


The majority of my time was spent painting/prepping our new home this past weekend. I am exhausted but running on excitement as we only have a few days left until we move in. My feet and legs are covered in paint (I swear I’m not really that sloppy of a painter!) but thankfully this pretty maxi covers it all. This was another piece I had ordered while I was still pregnant, and of course has since sold out. However, I link to a few other maxi’s I’m loving below and also found this very similar option for you.






Details: JCrew Factory dress (sold out but love this, this and this)  / Target necklace / Rayban sunglasses / Sandals (similar)

Life Lately

Happy Friday, all! Life is crazy, but we’re moving along here. My head is spinning with packing, painting and mothering (that’s the tricky part!). We officially move next weekend, so crunch time is just about here. I’m not much of a procrastinator until it comes to packing! I’d much rather be working in the new place than gathering the belongings of 5 people and keeping it somewhat organized at the same time. This will be the 5th time Jack and I have moved since we’ve been married and I’m hopeful that this is the last, at least for many, many years!

This peanut sure is a doll. She’d love to be held most of the day, but luckily she’s been giving me some decent nights.

A number of family members have been helping us get our home ready and we’re so thankful! This 6 year old especially has been more than eager to lend a hand!LL6192

Here’s a glimpse of the after. A shade that I love in the light and am deciding on the darker shade that comes off in the dark. Paint sure is a tricky game to play!


Speaking of games, this is the one I’ve been playing in every room. It’s fun, but I hope I win :)



Wishing you guys a great weekend! I’ll see you next week!

Girls Swim

I think many of you would agree that shopping for swimwear isn’t exactly appealing. I can think of a laundry list of things I’d rather do! But when it comes to swim shopping for my little ones, especially the girls, I’m overwhelmed with adorable options! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for you to see below. As much as I love the one-pieces, I had a friend recommend two-pieces for this summer as my daughter is newly potty trained. It’s made a world of difference being able to quickly pull down her two-piece as opposed to peeling off a sticky one-piece numerous times each afternoon! Most of them are already on sale, so it’s a great time to grab some and even stock up for next year!




1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

Baby Blue


Sunday was pretty much the only day I pulled myself together this week. Thank goodness for church which forces me to get myself in gear! This top was one that I ordered while I was still pregnant and eager to get into normal clothes. I loved the color and feminine shape and grabbed it when it went on sale. Now as I work on losing the baby weight, I love how forgiving and figure flattering it is. It makes me feel as though I actually have a waist again :)







Details: JCrew tank / AG denim (similar) / a.n.a. heels (similar) / Stella & Dot tote / Vivi necklace c/o (similar)

Life Lately

Hey guys! I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on what’s been going on off-line over here. Although my posts aren’t as regular yet, life is certainly busy! To start, adding Audrey to our clan bumped the number of birthdays in our family to four within one month. Yes, every member of our family, except for me, celebrates their birthday between May 9th and June 4th…throw in Mother’s Day and that’s a heck of a lot of celebrating! I also mentioned before that we are moving. Between this weekend and the end of June we’ll be painting/prepping and moving into our new home. Please pray for a baby that sleeps extra well these next few weeks!

In case you forgot what she looked like, this is the face I can’t seem to take my eyes off of. They change all too quickly not to take in every possible moment! As of yesterday, she is officially one month old.


In the midst of all the birthday chaos, my mother in law’s also falls into that group. I mentioned how we spent the afternoon at Bedford Spring’s Resort in this post where I made Strawberry Cake Balls, but I also had to share the best present that my sister in law came up with. Okay, technically it came from Pinterest, but finding it makes it hers, right? She was celebrating her 60th birthday so my sister in law had 60 friends and family members send their favorite memory of her. It was incredibly touching, and we all enjoyed listening as she laughed and cried through them all. Seriously, #bestpresentever.


Jack turned 6….6! That just feels insane to me, but yes, 6 years ago this little guy made me a mom and I’ve loved watching him grow and turn into such a sweet little man.


We also wrapped up the school year and Jack is officially a 1st grader. He’s reading, writing and doing math like a pro. I also had to share this artwork. His teacher had the students look at the same picture and draw it at the beginning and again at the end of the year. I was blown away. A little Da Vinci on my hands ;)


Before we found our house we were debating building one. At this point I am so thankful we didn’t because I can hardly handle selecting new carpet let alone having to pick out every fixture and piece of tile!


And this probably sums things up for me. A three year old obsessed with her real life baby doll and a 6 year old home for the summer with endless amounts of energy. As long as that energy carries over into packing and hauling boxes, I’ll be ok :)



Hope you all are well! Anything new and exciting going on?!

Striped Blazer


Navy is such a great color to wear because it allows you to pair it with such a wide variety of colors and really make them pop. Make it navy stripes (at $25!) and it’s all the more fun. I’ve been wearing this necklace quite frequently and I just grabbed these sandals when I saw the great sale that Dolce Vita was having (seriously, check it out, I love their sandals). I realized that I usually gravitate toward a neutral sandal, so these were my way of breaking that trend.








Details: Shein blazer c/o / Old Navy shirt / Paige Denim / Dolce Vita sandals / Michael Kors watch / Stella & Dot necklace / Kate Spade sunglasses


This past weekend we celebrated my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday. We spent the afternoon at Bedford Spring’s Resort with all of our family, enjoyed a wonderful lunch and chatted away on rocking chairs that overlook the property. I wanted to prepare a birthday treat, but knowing it would be mid-day I didn’t want to make anything too heavy. These cake pops had been on my radar and they turned out to be the perfect addition to the afternoon. They aren’t difficult by any means but require extra time for cooling and chilling purposes. I was thankful for the way the recipe was broken up since I don’t have large chunks of time to spare these days!


I ran out of white chocolate towards the end so I used some extra dark chocolate that I had on hand. They turned out just as good if not better than the white. If you needed any extra convincing, my 3 year old may be able to do it…


Strawberry Coconut Cake Balls via Mix and Match Mama:


1 box strawberry cake mix
3 eggs
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 cup water
1 can store bought cream cheese frosting
8 oz vanilla or white chocolate candy coating (I needed closer to 12 oz)
2 cups shredded sweetened coconut


-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
-Grease a 9×13 baking dish and set aside.
-Bake cake as directed on box: In a mixing bowl, combine your cake mix, eggs, vegetable oil and water with an electric mixer. Pour batter into prepared baking dish and bake about 28 to 30 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.
-Once the cake has been baked and cooled, crumble your baked cake into a large mixing bowl.
-Add the entire container of store bought frosting to crumbled cake. Combine cake crumbles and frosting together.Using your hands, form cake mix into round balls (walnut size or so).
-Place each ball on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Once all of your balls are formed, place baking sheet in the freezer to firm (at least 4 hours but as much as over-night).
-Once you’re ready to start dipping your cake balls, leave them in the freezer and get everything else ready. You want your cake balls really cold to help with the decorating.
-In a microwavable bowl, melt your white chocolate candy coating (stir every 30 seconds until all melted). Once chocolate is melted, take one cake ball and roll it in the chocolate using two forks. Once covered, remove back to wax paper and immediately sprinkle coconut down on top . Dip your second ball in chocolate and repeat.Once your cake balls have been dipped and covered in coconut, place them in the fridge until ready to serve..


Continuing my current trend of reaching for loose cotton pieces, oh and basically any of my normal clothes that will fit, this outfit resulted. I’ve always loved cargo/utility pants as they serve as a perfect neutral piece that pairs well with such an array of tops. I went with a simple tank today, but you can see how I paired a more feminine top with my cargo pants here.

Pulling maternity outfits together that were blog-worthy proved difficult enough for me, but nursing-friendly outfits are going to be my next obstacles to tackle! I’m so eager to wear my maxi dresses, but let’s just say they don’t exactly make it easy to feed newborns, especially in public! And talk about timing for doing our photo shoots. If I don’t get pictures before I feed or even cuddle my babe I’ll be modeling a wrinkled mess! As you can see, I still have much to figure out ;) But I’m glad you’re along for this ride with me!






Details: Madewell tank / JCrew pants (similar) / Lucky Brand wedges (similar) / JCrew Factory necklace / RayBan sunglasses