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Hey guys! I wanted to take a moment to fill you in on what’s been going on off-line over here. Although my posts aren’t as regular yet, life is certainly busy! To start, adding Audrey to our clan bumped the number of birthdays in our family to four within one month. Yes, every member of our family, except for me, celebrates their birthday between May 9th and June 4th…throw in Mother’s Day and that’s a heck of a lot of celebrating! I also mentioned before that we are moving. Between this weekend and the end of June we’ll be painting/prepping and moving into our new home. Please pray for a baby that sleeps extra well these next few weeks!

In case you forgot what she looked like, this is the face I can’t seem to take my eyes off of. They change all too quickly not to take in every possible moment! As of yesterday, she is officially one month old.


In the midst of all the birthday chaos, my mother in law’s also falls into that group. I mentioned how we spent the afternoon at Bedford Spring’s Resort in this post where I made Strawberry Cake Balls, but I also had to share the best present that my sister in law came up with. Okay, technically it came from Pinterest, but finding it makes it hers, right? She was celebrating her 60th birthday so my sister in law had 60 friends and family members send their favorite memory of her. It was incredibly touching, and we all enjoyed listening as she laughed and cried through them all. Seriously, #bestpresentever.


Jack turned 6….6! That just feels insane to me, but yes, 6 years ago this little guy made me a mom and I’ve loved watching him grow and turn into such a sweet little man.


We also wrapped up the school year and Jack is officially a 1st grader. He’s reading, writing and doing math like a pro. I also had to share this artwork. His teacher had the students look at the same picture and draw it at the beginning and again at the end of the year. I was blown away. A little Da Vinci on my hands ;)


Before we found our house we were debating building one. At this point I am so thankful we didn’t because I can hardly handle selecting new carpet let alone having to pick out every fixture and piece of tile!


And this probably sums things up for me. A three year old obsessed with her real life baby doll and a 6 year old home for the summer with endless amounts of energy. As long as that energy carries over into packing and hauling boxes, I’ll be ok :)



Hope you all are well! Anything new and exciting going on?!

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