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Happy Friday, all! Life is crazy, but we’re moving along here. My head is spinning with packing, painting and mothering (that’s the tricky part!). We officially move next weekend, so crunch time is just about here. I’m not much of a procrastinator until it comes to packing! I’d much rather be working in the new place than gathering the belongings of 5 people and keeping it somewhat organized at the same time. This will be the 5th time Jack and I have moved since we’ve been married and I’m hopeful that this is the last, at least for many, many years!

This peanut sure is a doll. She’d love to be held most of the day, but luckily she’s been giving me some decent nights.

A number of family members have been helping us get our home ready and we’re so thankful! This 6 year old especially has been more than eager to lend a hand!LL6192

Here’s a glimpse of the after. A shade that I love in the light and am deciding on the darker shade that comes off in the dark. Paint sure is a tricky game to play!


Speaking of games, this is the one I’ve been playing in every room. It’s fun, but I hope I win :)



Wishing you guys a great weekend! I’ll see you next week!

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