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Wishlist Wednesday

As the end of summer will be rolling around all too quickly, I’ve been taking into consideration how I plan to transition my wardrobe. Today’s wishlist includes pieces that will make the transition into fall seamless. You may have seen on Instagram that I purchased this top (in a different pattern) and am obsessed with the comfort level! I love it so much that I’m tempted to grab this one as well. I have a few chambray shirts, but I love the western detail on this one. I also have a sleeveless turtleneck sweater from last year and I’m glad to see they’re sticking around. Perfect alone for early fall, and layered up later on! And in the jacket department, I can see this anorak easily becoming my go-to this year in addition to my denim jacket which is available in an updated version here. The fit is right on and doesn’t leave you with a boxy silhouette. I also have my eye on some new denim, and these are both definitely in consideration. I love the cropped, mini flare look that’s going on but I need to do some trying on in order to find a pair that will do the trick. I do have high hopes for these however!

Thankfully we still have a beach vacation (or let’s call it a trip, because many of you know a vacation is not a vacation when children are involved ;) ¬†ahead of us, so I plan on soaking up every last bit of summer during these next few weeks!

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