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Wishlist: The Girl’s Guide

It’s officially one week before Christmas, which also makes it my birthday :) I’m off enjoying a relaxing morning with my husband and have a shopping date with my sister later on, so it’s bound to be a great day!

Today I’m sharing with you one final gift guide for the girls. This post was strategically saved for the end because if you are anything like me, the girls are the hardest to buy for! Not because I can’t find anything, but because there are too many options and I can’t narrow anything down! Well, it’s crunch time and decisions need to be made, so here’s a round-up of gifts you couldn’t go wrong with. Chic cold weather accessories, adorable lounge clothes, some classy accessories (Michael Kors crossbody, yes please!) and a few odds and ends should just about cover all of the lovely ladies on your list. Now hurry up, time’s running out!



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