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Winter Getaway

So does anyone happen to be planning a tropical getaway within the next few months? Actually, no, don’t tell me, I’ll be extremely jealous. We’ve done winter getaways before and they are amazing. You come back feeling refreshed with a nice tan to carry you through the last bitter months of winter. It’s a genius idea for those of you that are able to make it happen. I need to work on making that a yearly priority! This year, we don’t have any trips planned, at least nothing tropical, but a girl can dream. I can also pretend I have a figure that would fit into these cute swimsuits, because at 23 weeks pregnant, that’s not happening. They try with the maternity suits, they really do, but I just don’t feel it. Anyway, for the sake of my dream, I’m packing my virtual bags and sharing them with you in case you’re lucky enough to be heading toward any sand and sunshine!
Take me away! (1)

one-piece suit / sandal / tote / coverup / sunglasses / bikini / bag

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