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We don’t have any formal affairs to attend this season, but that doesn’t mean you don’t! And luckily I enjoy browsing all the bright and shiny cloths and piecing outfits together. From office parties, Christmas get-togethers, gift exchanges and new years shindigs, I’ve put together half a dozen outfits that should give you a little inspiration and carry you through the season. Any of the following calling your name in particular?




Outfit 1: Stole / Dress / Earrings / Shoes

Outfit 2: Jumpsuit / Necklace / Bracelet / Shoes

Outfit 3: Jacket / Necklace / Pants / Shoes

Outfit 4: Dress / Earrings / Shoes

Outfit 5: Dress / Necklace / Jacket / Shoes

Outfit 6: Sweatshirt / Pants / Shoes


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