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Weekend Wardrobe

Weekend WardrobeDetails

I know it’s only Thursday, but my week so far has been spent running errands or at the pool. For those of you that work in an office, please don’t think for a second that I’m lounging with my magazines and a drink in my hand. Instead picture me keeping a fearless 12mo old from crawling into 2 feet of water over and over again and making sure a 4 year old isn’t stealing everyone’s toys or squirting anyone in the face. Fun? For the most part. Relaxing? Not in the least. These weeks however, make me long for the weekend where I can actually put myself together. I’ve put together two looks that I would slip into in an instant. Most pieces are from Madewell because, well, they just know how to do it right. Both looks appear pulled together without having put too much thought or effort into them. That’s what the weekend is all about, right?

Happy Thursday! xx


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