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Week in review

Happy Friday everyone! This week was full of activities with my kiddo’s and a little shopping thrown in (surprise, surprise). I always need to remind myself not to rush decorating a home, but to acquire pieces slowly as I find things I love. This week I found two such pieces which you’ll see below. Madelyn added a new pair of adorable shorts to her wardrobe and Jack Walker had his first soccer practice (Okay, he played before when he was 2, but that was the biggest crock. Hence, his first practice…).


I had been eyeing up this mirrored tray at Target for a few weeks. It was priced a bit too high for my liking, so I continued to pass it by. Then one day I saw the magical clearance sticker and quickly threw the last one in my cart. I love the way it looks on our dining room table, but it’s a very versatile piece which is one of the main reasons I like it. PS, it’s even cheaper in stores if you were interested.


I’ve been on the hunt for new pillows for our living room for what feels like forever. I finally came across these in HomeGoods this week and I love how they look. They instantly brighten up our room.


I love having a little girl that I can dress up as a mini me. Maybe we need a mother/daughter post? Let me find these shorts in my size first because I adore them. I’m praying she lets me pick out her clothes forever. Wishful thinking, I know, but I’ll take advantage as long as I can.

friday2It continues to amaze me how quickly kids grow up. I still think of this guy as my little boy, but he sure doesn’t look so little here! Just before he ran onto the field, he proclaimed he was going to be “the best soccer player there was”. I could use some of that youthful confidence :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!




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