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Wedding Style

It’s been 7 and a half years since my wedding, but it may as well have been over a decade with the way things have changed since. When I got married it was common to have your bridesmaids all wearing the same floor length dress in the same color, the same shoes and the same accessories. Now you see bridesmaids wearing different styles, lengths, shoes and accessories and yet it all comes together beautifully. One of my girlfriends even chose a color and set us free to choose any dress we’d like. I would have panicked over this decision, but wouldn’t you know it, the whole group looked amazing together!  With the freedom to style ourselves to fit our individual bodies and personalities it seemed to give each of us a boost of confidence, and that always helps when you’re walking down that aisle!

Every bride reserves her rite to decide what she’d like her wedding party to wear and luckily today there are some beautiful options out there. I’ve gathered a handful of dresses as well as some shoes and accessories in some of my favorite hues to provide a little wedding inspiration. The best part is that none of these dresses scream ‘bridesmaid’. I would wear any one of these dresses even if I were only a attending as a guest. Have a look for yourself…..


Mint: Dress 1 / Dress 2 / Dress 3 / Belt / Dress 4

Pink: Dress 1 / Dress 2 / Dress 3 / Dress 4

Navy: Dress 1 / Dress 2 / Dress 3  / Dress 4

Grey: Dress 1 / Dress 2 / Dress 3 / Dress 4

Necklaces: Necklace 1 / Necklace 2 / Necklace 3 / Necklace 4

Shoes: Shoes 1 / Shoes 2 / Shoes 3 / Shoes 4

For those of you already married, is there anything you’d change about your wedding if you were to do it again today? Maybe I can talk my husband into renewing our vows for our 10th anniversary, hmmmmm…..



  • Jen W. says:

    I believe I am the bride who you are referring to that let you chose your own style with the color selected ;) I can share that this worked so wonderfully as I had girls all around the globe, literally! The pictures came out just as gorgeous as the ladies wearing them, I wouldn’t have changed a thing! And I can honestly say, I have seen the dresses worn again by several of the girls at other events, so this time when it was shared, ‘ but you can wear it again’, you actually can!

  • Carrie Miller says:

    Your wedding was so classy!! It was a day to remember!! Xoxo

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