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February is here which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner <3 I have mixed feelings about this holiday. Sure I enjoy a day that’s about celebrating love, but I don’t particularly care for the way it’s forced upon us. I’m sure cupid will now plan on skipping my house this year, lol. I’m honestly much more smitten with my husband when he shows up with a bouquet of roses onĀ  a random weekday or returns from a meeting with a pedicure kit with plans to pamper me (no joke, he walked in yesterday afternoon with one in hand!). Jack knows gifts are my love language and so he makes an effort at least once a week to fulfill it. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant and typically it isn’t. But you had better believe I feel loved when he surprises me with a latte or a box of Sour Patch Kids (a weakness of mine). I love knowing that he’s thinking of me intentionally throughout the day :)

I don’t know what Jack has in mind this year, but I’d be just as happy staying in and having a date night once the kids are tucked into bed. I won’t be a total hater, but if I can avoid the crowds and maybe get out a few nights later, I’ll take that. And if he wants to surprise me with a gift, well, I certainly won’t turn it down!


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I enjoy creating these inspiration boards and came up with some lovely things that would work well no matter what your Valentine plans may be. I’m certainly never opposed to dressing for the occasion! This t-shirt could easily become a new staple in my closet, as could this cozy sweatshirt. If you’re one for red pants (I know some of you who are!) check out the sweet scalloped hem on these. And how about this adorable print for a gift idea? I’d love to do this with our anniversary date! Or these cuteĀ mugs. Jack and I have coffee together every morning, so this two-for-one gift wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. If you are planning a Valentine date night, this top would be adorable to pair with some trousers or denim. Feminine and subtle without screaming Valentine’s Day. And in case you stay in like I’m hoping to do, a cute lounge-y top paired with some chic sweats may be just what you’re looking for.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!


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