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To Ombre or not?

Although my hairstyle has changed over the years, I’ve basically always had highlighted locks. I’m not sure how long the ombre trend will last, but I’m very tempted to give it a try. Highlights require a lot of maintenance and it’d be great to have a little break on the up-keep. I’m hesitant however, because all I can picture is a line running through the middle of my hair, the top half brown and the lower half blond, and me sobbing in the bathroom. What I’m hoping for, is something similar to one of these…


I love how subtle the transition is on these girls. It’s quite lovely. But I do wear my hair straight fairly often and I’m not sure how that will translate. Well, my trim/color appointment is next Wednesday, so until then I’ll be contemplating this decision.

What are your thoughts? Has anyone tried this? Any pointers?



  • Denise says:

    Keep it highlighted for the summer.

  • Julie Mehrkens says:

    I love the ombre look too, but I was also nervous to try it. Instead, my stylist suggested peek-a-boo highlights. She colored the mohawk section of my hair back to my natural dark color, and then highlighted the hair underneath (only one or two shades lighter than my natural color). It’s a good option for low maintenance highlighting, because you don’t see your roots growing in as quickly. Good luck with whatever you decide to do… I’m sure you will look gorgeous no matter what!!!

  • Christine says:

    body wave + ombre

  • Gina says:

    I’ve had my hair ombré for well over a year now & I still LOVE it! I always get compliments…straight & wavy! :) I don’t think the trend is going anywhere…jump on the bandwagon!!

  • Linda says:

    My hair stylist highlighted here and there, based on how I style my hair, instead of all over. I like it WAY better and think it looks more natural and not so uniform looking, which can make the whole head appear as one huge highlight!! : )

  • Cora says:

    Another option is balayage or hair painting. I tried it the last time I had my hair done…it grows out a little more easily than highlights and as it does you get the ombré effect.

  • Rachel says:

    So did you do it? I forgot to look when I saw you. I just noticed you look pretty like always:)

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