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‘Tis the Season

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas shopping has officially commenced, Christmas music is now allowed on my radio and my decor is now complete. Being that we move so frequently (this is the fourth place Jack and I have called home together) each year I decorate I always feel like I’m starting from scratch. I don’t necessarily mind that especially because the more years that pass the more decorations I seem to acquire. By the time we finally get into our “house, house” I hope to have quite the array to play with.

These stockings were made for us by Handmade Pretties’ via Etsy. They were actually featured in a magazine (Better Homes maybe?) a few years ago and I was all over them. When Madelyn came along we added a fourth to the collection.


I found this table runner at HomeGoods and love the casual feel with a hint of silver shimmer. The garland came from HomeGoods as well and I draped it with beads that I had on hand. I’ve had the mini trees for years and end up doing something different them each year. This year they were upgraded to table top ;)


The tree. I mentioned my husband is allergic to pine right? It pains me every time I say that, but since he’s obviously not leaving, I had to hunt down the most live looking fake tree I could find. This one came from Sears of all places and I have to say I’m quite happy with it.


I made this sign a few years ago to use in our Christmas pictures and it turned out so well that I’ve been using it as part of our decor ever since. I’m not a huge DIY’er but every so often I pull something out of my sleeve ;) The ivory/red pillows just came from HomeGoods and the reindeer pillow came from PierOne a year or two ago.


 These reindeer are topping our bookshelves in our living room.


These were the wings I found at Lucketts a few weeks ago and these sweet little birds have become my 1 year old’s new favorite toy.


Last year I had this wreath made when we had a huge open wall to place it on. This year we don’t, ha. But I suppose it’s one way to spruce up our entrance!


And finally, the reason for the season as depicted by a Little People nativity scene :)


 There you have it. Nothing crazy or over the top, but it certainly feels like Christmas around here! Happy decorating!


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