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The Weekender

Along with summer come beach vacations where our SUV is typically filled to the brim. In addition to those week long trips I’m sure many of you have a handful of weekend trips scattered throughout the next few months. What’s nice about these mini getaways is that you can pack fairly lightly, at least in comparison to a week away! I recently had a friend ask what my recommendations would be for a nice weekender. I had a few in mind, but that got the wheels turning. As a result, I’ve gathered a variety of fun, chic, practical weekender bags (at all price points) that just may cause you to plan a trip if you didn’t already have one booked ;)



1. Anthropologie $168
2. Kate Spade Saturday $160
3. Lo & Sons $120
4. JCrew $36.50
5. Le Sportsac $116
6. Francesca’s $68
7. Target $34.99
8. Petunia Pickle Bottom $185


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