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Tackling those Tricky Gifts

Christmas continues to grow closer and I’m slowly checking names off of my lists. My husband, children and immediate family are obviously on there, but there are many others that I wish to show thanks and gratitude. There are teachers, coaches, trainers, hair stylists, co-workers, postal workers and various other service providers that I would hate to neglect. For these gifts I feel that it’s more of the thought rather then the expense that is appreciated. If you happen to find you have a few of these people on your lists as well, I’m hoping you may be able to check a few of them off by the end of this post. My main goal with these gifts is to use items that are practical and won’t be tossed aside and forgotten about while keeping the price reasonable, around $10-$20.


  1. This is my go-to gift this season. I saw something similar on Pinterest and loved the idea. This particular list of mine consists mainly of females, so I felt that using a festive red polish and a tag that states “for your mistletoes” was a witty yet practical gift that would be put to good use.
  2. I like giving gifts that one wouldn’t typically purchase on their own; personalized stationary is one such item. It’s a thoughtful, personal item and if you add a cute pen, your gift is complete!
  3. I’ve received some luxurious candles as gifts and boy do they make a difference! The smell is so fragrant and many of them seem to last forever.
  4. Gift cards are always a great option, but when you pair someone’s caffeine fix with a monogram mug, you add that extra personal touch that’s appreciated all the more.
  5. With all of the baking you’re likely to be doing over the next few weeks, why not wrap up some cookies or mini loaves or pack them in a cute tin. Homemade goods are always well received. Just make sure you pay attention to your presentation, it can make all the difference :)

Hope that helps some of you! Back to a busy week. Why is December always so crazy?!



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