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It’s no secret that I love to shop. But I also do my best to stick to budgets and take pride in scoring deals. I also keep my closet in check by selling and donating clothes as I sort through it a few times a year. When I was looking through my sweaters at the beginning of the season I realized I was so ‘over’ the majority of them. For some reason, sweaters are harder for me to let go of than most articles of clothing, so I end up keeping them thinking ‘I’ll wear that again someday‘. Right. Well, this year I finally purged a number of them which left my sweater drawer looking empty. But like decorating (I’m learning) you don’t want to rush your purchases. It’s best to take your time and find those that you really love. Where’s this rambling going? Well, I really love this sweater. And I really love that I got it under $40 (still on sale). I love the fit and the fact that it can be worn with jeans, leggings, dress pants etc. Transitions perfectly from lounging around the house to heading out with friends.

The temps are certainly dropping so I layered up in my blanket scarf. I’m pretty sure this plaid has become the most popular ever, at least here in the blog world it has certainly blown up! And also let me mention my coat. When it comes to wool coats, JCrew has and continues to be my go-to. They aren’t cheap, (although it does help to get them on sale) but they are more than worth it. I have this trench coat, a pea coat and a cocoon coat, all of which I have had for many years and they all still look brand new. I get compliments on them frequently, which is likely because other than this grey one, my others are mint and a kelly green….it’s fun to make a statement during the dreary months! So, if you are in need, might I suggest browsing their coats and adding one to your Christmas list. Fingers crossed you’ve been good this year ;)






While I’m on the subject of coats, I’ll also give a shout out to Patagonia (which my son is wearing, and no this is not a sponsored post). Their coats are made of down, yet very thin and lightweight. I find big bulky coats on kids to be rather annoying, especially on those that you still need to buckle into car seats. Talk about breaking a sweat! My son never complains of being cold when he wears his, nor does my husband who also owns one. So far, I’ve been able to get two years out of my sons coats, which has been great. I also plan on passing his old coats on to his sisters, so the price is totally worth it. It’s great when you can get an end of season sale, but be warned, the kids sizes sell out quickly. With adults, however, you can often find past season colors at a good price.


Marisa: JCrew coat / Sweater / JCrew pants / Dolce Vita boots (similar) / scarf (similar)

Jack: Patagonia coat

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