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Stylish Winter Boots

For those of us that live in parts of the country that experience winter weather for more months than some of us may prefer (I’m looking at you northeast!), winter shoes are an absolute must. I had a request from one of my good friends to track down some boot options for her. Not snow boots, and not booties, but those that fall right in between. Something that would keep your toes warm, give you some traction and look cute with everyday outfits but not exactly what you’d wear to shovel your driveway. I knew exactly what she meant because I feel like that’s ‘the boot‘ I’m constantly seeking year after year. Anyone else with us?

I scoured the internet to find those very shoes and am quite pleased with the results, although trust me, it wasn’t easy! Winter boots are abundant, but style often flies out the window with that added factor. I get that some of these carry a price tag that’s not what I would pay for my average bootie. But when it comes to a unique pair like these that I turn to day after day, it averages out to be more than worth it for me.

What are your thoughts? Is this a type of shoe that you’re often seeking out or would you rather play it safe with a legit snow boot?


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