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Tomorrow I am speaking to a local MOPS group on developing personal style and gaining self confidence during the process. Public speaking is way out of my comfort zone. I’d much rather hide behind a computer screen and share my thoughts from my couch! But nonetheless I’m flattered to have been asked and pray that I can clearly express my thoughts in order to help anyone that may be struggling in this area. For those that may be attending, I look forward to meeting you!

As a part of my discussion, I put together this 10 piece wardrobe in an attempt to show these women that style does not have to be difficult or intimidating. These items (or items very similar) are likely in most closets, even if you have to dig around to find them! On the other hand, if your wardrobe feels outdated and you’re looking to start updating but have no clue where to start, well, here’s that starting point for you. I’ve taken what I see as a number of closet staples and pieced them into six different outfit combinations, with many more possibilities at hand! In fact, my guess is that one could mix and match these pieces for a month (or close to it!) without having anyone take note that they’ve been in one big rotation!

Here are the 10 items I selected, followed by the outfit combinations.

  1. Cable-knit Sweater
  2. Knee-high Boot
  3. Striped T-shirt
  4. Plaid Scarf
  5. Denim
  6. Pendant Necklace
  7. Cardigan
  8. Black Denim
  9. Chambray Shirt
  10. Booties


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