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Stripes + Ruffles + Overalls

Happy Friday, guys! Did this week fly by for anyone else? Valentine’s Day has past, the Lenten season has begun and we had a 60 degree day in PA yesterday! Yet I still had a difficult time finding a snow/ice free area to shoot this look, ha!

I didn’t wear my overalls much through winter, I guess because it’s harder to make sweaters work under them? But as soon as I saw the warmer weather creep in, I was ready to break them out. If you’ve followed fora while, you know these are a couple years old from Madewell, but fortunately they keep them in stock and haven’t changed them all that much. The wash looks slightly lighter and they have a raw hem but the Madwell quality hasn’t changed. I read a lot of reviews and these always receive rave reviews. So, if you are contemplating a pair, this is what I recommend!

Now, as for Lent, I’ve made the decision to do a couple of things, but one that pertains to the blog is that I’m giving up (apparel) shopping (gasp!). I do this every so often, but it’s been a while and it was pretty clear that this was a sacrifice I needed to make. Particularly because it’s probably the hardest! It’s good to keep myself in check, which isn’t to say it’s easy! When it comes to what I’ll be sharing here and on social media, I’ll be creative. I’ll be rotating pieces, styling them new ways, scouring the internet to find similar pieces to some of my older items, sharing inspiration boards and maybe even tackling some dressing room diaries (oh the torture!). If any of you happen to have given up shopping as well, let me know so we can lean on one another ;)

Details: Madewell overalls (updated version) / H&M top (another similar) / Lucky Brand Booties (similar here and here) / LeSpecs sunglasses / Nickel & Suede earrings / JORD watch c/o

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