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Striped Shirt Dress

Hi guys! We are back from vacation and adjusting back into a sense of normalcy around here. My older two start school on Wednesday so we have two final days to enjoy and prepare. We had a wonderful time down at the shore last week and I’m missing that sand for sure! One of my favorite things about Stone Harbor, NJ is that it’s a very walkable town. After living in Hoboken, NJ for nearly a decade, I came to love the fact that we could walk just about anywhere. A few blocks to the local grocery store or the beach or downtown to walk around. I felt the mileage in my legs every evening when I sat down! Audrey still enjoys the stroller, so she was my walking or running buddy for most of it which was so fun.

There are so many adorable boutiques in Stone Harbor (another reason why I love it so much!) that my girlfriend and I enjoy browsing through. One of those shops in particular, Skirt, if any of you are familiar, is one of our favorites. They carry a lot of designer brands, most of which are outrageously priced for my budget, but we always hit the end of season sales at this time of year. My girlfriend and I both scored this shirt dress for 70% off and we couldn’t believe our sizes were the last two in the store! Totally meant to be. You can find this exact piece on their site here, or in another color here, but don’t worry, I’m sharing a bunch of other similar options below! The gist of it is, shirt dresses are a classic piece to have in your closet and very versatile to work with! This was the first way I imagined wearing it. Monochromatic pieces for a base layer and then tossing it over top with some wedges and cute jewelry. Very preppy chic! I’m looking forward to wearing it buttoned up with a belt, booties and a denim jacket, or maybe throwing a sweater over top. All I know is, you’ll be seeing more of it ;)

Details: Shirt dress / Denim / Tank / Sunglasses / Necklace / Earrings / Bracelet / Wedges

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