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So how’s everyone’s shopping coming along? I took inventory the other night on what I had gathered thus far and I think our kids will be happy. For me, what always comes down to the last minute are those pesky stocking stuffers! I’m still working on that here, but I’ve gathered some of my kid’s favorites for you in case it can be of any help!

stocking stuffer

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Lego’s and Hot Wheels continue to be a hit with my 6 year old, as they have been for years. Sophie la Girafe and the Winkel toy have been infant favorites for all three of my kids now and they’ve also each had their own Angel Dear ‘lovey’. I love classic games like Go Fish and Old Maid, and these updated versions are great. Snowmen at Night is a cute book that was gifted to them and we’ve been reading it now for years, during the summer as well ;) I grabbed this Strawberry Shortcake classic doll for my three year old daughter this year. Memories of my own rushed back as soon as I smelled her! And finally the multi-colored pen. Totally random, but when I asked my husband for some ideas for the kids this is what he came up with. It’s pretty genius, I love them!

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