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JM1Do you fellow parents notice how with each new season, children have outgrown everything from the year before? Lucky little ducks have an ever evolving wardrobe! Today I have my mini-models showing off some new pieces that have recently been added to their wardrobe for Spring/Summer. I also have a new appreciation for photographers that work with children on a regular basis. Wow.JM2My son has gone through a few growth spurts recently and his pants are beginning to get a bit short. With Spring on the horizon, I’ve been looking for some light-weight pants that will carry through summer at least. He’s going to need some new t-shirts as well, but for now some light-weight long sleeved shirts, such as this one, are perfect. This one happens to have 3/4 length sleeves which is perfect because my son hates when shirts hit his wrist (any other parents deal with weird nuances with their children? Don’t get me started on socks!). Come summer, we’ll be switching it up and wearing the shirt with some shorts and throwing some t-shirts on with the light-weight pants. Oh and incase you were wondering, this outfit is ‘cool’ approved by this 4 year old ;)

JM3Then there’s my little sweat pea of a daughter. Just as I do for myself, I find that layering is perfect during these in-between seasons. I can add new Spring shirts to her wardrobe, but until it’s warm enough to bare her arms we’ll continue to layer with little cardigans. It’s also fun to begin adding some bright, fun colors, such as her yellow polka dot pants. She looks fresh and Springy without me worrying that she’s too cold.

JM4And even though they are boy and girl, I love buying them the same shoes when possible. Their matching Converse complete their adorable looks.

Outfit details:

Madelyn: Target sweater / Target top / Gap pants (similar) / Converse shoes

Jack: JCrew top  / Gap pants / Converse shoes



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