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I’ve been brainstorming this post for a few weeks now, and since it’s officially spring (YAY!), I figured it was time to get it out the door! I’ve had a number of discussions with women revolving around the topic of wardrobe capsules and we’ve touched on the topic on here in the past as well. I love the idea of paring a wardrobe down to 30-some pieces and mixing and matching from that. The idea is to work around your basics and pieces you already own and then to add in a handful of new items that may be trending for that season to complete your capsule. With a wardrobe narrowed down like this, the goal is to be able to dress from all pieces that you love at a moments notice. Sounds ideal right? Don’t worry, you don’t need to purge your entire closet, but it would help to do a big clean-out and then have your capsule front and center for the season. For those of you that struggle each and every morning deciding what to wear, this concept should be right up your alley! Jump below the (clickable) image for more on this topic.


I’ve been hunting and gathering and tweaking over the past few weeks to put together a cohesive capsule that would fit the lifestyle of a range of women. I can see this working for stay at home moms or anyone who leads a semi-casual lifestyle. I played with trends but didn’t include anything that I didn’t think would work in the next few seasons as well. Stripes are big, but always will be. Ruffles are also having a moment, but in my book they never get old! I also picked pieces that would easily pair with a range of other items I found. I included three dresses and two skirts that could be worn to work, church, showers etc. I also picked options that offered enough versatility so that friends and co-workers wouldn’t start eyeing you up a week into dressing from your capsule ;) Take this dress for example. I have it in coral from last year and I can wear it with a jean jacket such as this one, or a draped number like this, or once it warms up a bit more with a scarf such as this. Also, switching up your bag from this to this takes the look up a notch instantly. Let’s walk through one more example. I love the ruffle detail on this tank. Picture wearing it on the weekend with these distressed jeans and sneakers. Or wearing it to work with these pants and this jacket (in pink). You could also switch it up with a denim skirt, these mules and a fun necklace. Are you starting to see how these 36 pieces could get you the whole way through spring?!

Obviously I had to include a pair of Hunters and a trench because it is spring after all. I also made sure to have a pair of sweatpants (favorites of mine) and a sweatshirt in a fresh hue because I’m keeping this wardrobe thing real ;) If you want to add a second pair of sweats, I won’t judge!

All of these items are shop-able (click the images above), but the real point is to work through your closet, pull out things you love that would work well for spring and then fill in any missing gaps! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic and find out if you’ve ever tried it or think you may want to give it a shot!

Thanks for reading along!


  • Rebecca Eltz says:

    Love this!!! Thank you!!!
    Was just reading a book “Wild and Free” by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan and the capsule wardrobe concept was mentioned.
    Now I want to go clean out my closet and check the mail for when my jcrew white jeans will arrive.

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