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Spring Decor

Decorating is a slow and ever evolving process for me and my home. Sometimes I’ll know exactly what I want where and other times it takes me years to be able to fill a space the way I want it filled. I love finding ‘inspiration’ pieces and working off of those special items, whether they tell a story, have a special meaning, or add a necessary pop to an area. I recently found this ‘love’ piece at Target which made things click for me. I shared on Instagram yesterday how it enabled me to pull from my own stash of frames and fill an empty area over one of our master bedroom dressers. I admit, I often over think things to an extreme; ‘how long will I love this?’, ‘do I really want to commit to this (or these) holes in the wall?’, ‘is this really what I want for the space?’. Anyone else? But I find once I commit, I always wonder why it took me so long!

Spring is a great time to add some fresh new accents to brighten up your home. Sometimes one new piece can spur you on to do a little rearranging and reorganizing that leads to a brand new space all-together. I love having a cute front door mat, especially because it’s something people take note of immediately upon arrival. Faux florals are something I fought for a while. In part because I was determined to have more real plants, but I’ve learned that not all places in my home offer enough sunlight to keep them in existence! Natural greens, however add so much to a room and my home is now full of a mix of both faux and live plants. The good thing is that faux arrangements have come a long way. You and your guests alike would have a hard time determining whether or not these lavender stems or this succulent required water or not. Many of you also know I’m a sucker for a good wreath. I’ve been making my own arrangements lately, but often search for inspiration before I hit up Michael’s on my own. I love the natural look of this bright and welcoming wreath for a front door. And there’s always boxwoods, which I adore. I have a wreath that floats around my home and is currently hanging in my powder room. Frames are always great to add as well. I’m always stocked and grab them when I find a good deal. It doesn’t take me long to fill them up! In addition to frames, mirrors are the other thing that I tend to hoard. I looove them and the way they come off as being a work of art on their own, without forcing color or business where it’s not needed. I have this lattice piece hanging in my entry hallway. It’s a lovely neutral piece that adds interest without competing with my other decor.

I hope this serves as a spark of inspiration for you! Have a great day guys!

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