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Snow Time


Well it may not officially be winter, but it sure feels like it! After having my wisdom teeth removed on Friday I decided it was time to actually get dressed and put some make-up on. I realize that I still look like I am storing a few acorns in my cheeks for winter, but I needed to get back into action, so that’s just how it is ;) School was cancelled yesterday so my husband and son spent the morning sledding around and building snowmen. I eventually ventured out but wasn’t quite as active!


When I saw the snow, I immediately reached for a flannel and layered it up. Warmth is something I greatly appreciate!


A classic wool trench coat is a great staple to have in your closet. It can be dressed up or down and the length gives added warmth.


I’m tempted to buy an adorable pair of snow boots, but my Hunter’s paired with the liner keep my feet so toasty I hardly have a good excuse to need others!


I must have half a dozen pairs of fingerless mittens. There’s something about the freedom of having my fingers exposed that I love but I can’t say exactly why.


And here’s the snowman. I’m not sure what exactly they were going for here, but I’ll roll with it!


 Details: JCrew coat (similar) / Gap flannel / Gap sweater / Gap jeans / Hunter boots / Zara hat / JCrew factory gloves / Tiffany necklace

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those of you traveling, please be safe! This is our first year not having to pack up the kids to make a 4.5 hour trip home and we’re loving it!


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