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Short Locks

You may know by now that when it comes to my hair, I’m always up for a change. It keeps things feeling fresh because honestly, I tend to tire of things (things, not people, don’t worry, my love!) all too quickly. When I started this blog 8-ish months ago, I had shoulder length blond hair. I then switched it up to try out my natural color with some ombre ends and then somewhere during the fall I started feeling inspired to go short again. I say again because most of my life I’ve had short hair. I had always wanted to go long, but for any of you who have attempted to grow out hair, you know how tough it can be. As I approached 30, I sucked it up and let it grow. There were parts of it that I enjoyed (like all of the different styles you can do with it), but what I did not enjoy was the sheer amount of time that it took to wash, dry and style my hair. I have rather thick hair, so the process always felt excruciatingly long.

Thanks to some bloggers, celebs and Pinterest, I finally caved and made the appointment with my stylist. Here are of few of the beautiful ladies that inspired this cut:

hair5Since ombre wasn’t an option any longer, I went back to adding a couple shades of highlights to soften my hair and ad some dimension. My hair still feels like it’s in the process of relaxing after the initial cut, but we’re starting to get used to each other. And the best part is that it takes less than 5 minutes to dry, I throw in a little product and I’m done. I love that! Well, here’s how it turned out:


I feel free! And cold, haha! Hair is hair, it’ll always grow back, that’s the fun about it. So for now, I’ll be enjoying my short sassy cut :)


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