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Shades of Denim


First off, let me start my thanking you all for your total outpouring of love and support yesterday! I’m not joking when I say it felt like a full-time job keeping up with all of your comments, messages and texts….the best full-time job I could ever ask for! From sending your love, prayers, advice and resources it was totally overwhelming, in a good way. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated and in turn please keep yourself aware of this disease. If not for yourself, you just may be the one to bring it to someone else’s attention and save them from months or years of suffering. Our prayer network took on a ton of new members yesterday and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Now, on to the less important things like fashion that keep my mind pre-occupied while we get through all this heavy stuff!!

Over the past few years, my rainbow of denim has drastically increased. I own bright colors, soft colors, white, off-white, and then the obvious floral from last years craze. Now the popularity of the chambray top offers a perfect pairing to any of the aforementioned denim bottoms. You could really end up with dozens of different outfits by simply mixing all of the denims in your closet, or is that only me?

This is the first baseball cap that I’ve ever owned. I do have one for running, but until now I never found one that really struck me for an everyday cap. When I saw this one at JCrew, I knew for sure that I’d get my wear out of it through the summer. Plus, the more sun off of my face, the fewer wrinkles later on! (I need to keep repeating this to myself!)







Details: JCrew top / LOFT denim, old (similar) / Gap belt / JCrew hat / Converse shoes / JCrew Factory necklace (similar) / Tiffany bow necklace



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