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Hi, friends! Sorry for the lack of posts over this past week or so. This time between Christmas and New Years is always such a whirlwind! With a mix of relaxing, entertaining and traveling, it’s been hard to keep my days straight! After Christmas we headed to NY to visit my SIL and her family for a few days and then Jack and I took the kids into the city to see all the things. Despite the inevitable crowds we all had a really great time. The tree at Rockefeller was breathtaking as always and the girls went crazy over the Frozen II windows at Saks 5th Ave.

We also had an eye-opening moment with little Jack as he was struck by the amount of visible people in need while we walked the streets. It was a humbling moment as we took time to process his emotions and share with him that there are people in need everywhere, even though they may not be as visible. I reminded him how and why we donate and sponsor certain causes and how he’s helped us to pack food multiple times for families in need (he just hasn’t seen the end result). It’s a reminder to myself as well, that we can always be doing more to help and at the same time be thankful for how blessed we are, not taking anything for granted.

This post was originally meant to share some of my favorite pieces that have been drastically marked down. Now that feels a little silly! Although obviously not the most important thing, appreciating the beauty in style isn’t a bad thing either. Browse some sweaters, donate to a charity close to your heart…or do both. I’m not here to judge. I may have another post towards the end of the week, but I’ll wish you a Happy 2020 ahead of time! Here’s to a great year ahead!

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