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These past few weeks have been equal parts exhausting and exciting. Moving is So. Much. Work. But now that we are starting to see the ground as the boxes are leaving the house, I’m slowly getting around to the start of decorating. One area that has been driving me crazy was our mudroom/entryway from the garage. It has plenty of space to serve as both a home to shoes/coats as well as a command center for our family and with mail, bills, keys etc. being thrown around causing much confusion these past few weeks, it was time to get things in order.


I wanted to start with a console that fit the space and wasn’t oversized. I found this one on Ballard and it fit the bill perfectly. Not only does it provide extra storage but it also allows for the inevitable ‘drop spot’ keeping my kitchen counters clear.


My main focus was to keep paper organized. We have what feels like an insane amount of constant paperwork between bills, school papers, receipts, invitations to be kept up with, thank you’s to be sent out….I’m not alone here am I? I found these galvanized metal bins and envelopes at none other than Target and knew they’d do the trick. Be warned, the bins aren’t open the whole way down as they look, so they wouldn’t be good for holding folders or anything oversized.



I know a typical command center would include a calendar, but my husband and I have tried the pen and paper calendar and it’s never worked out for us. We work much better with synched google calendars, so we’re going to stick with that for the time being.



Here’s to hoping this system keeps us on track!!



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