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Rain, rain

It’s been a wet week in these parts which naturally led my mind to rain gear. I am not a fan of being in wet, or even damp clothes so I try my best to stay covered when the sky opens up. When I lived and worked in the city, I did a lot of walking which left me vulnerable to the elements and now as a full time mom I’m always doing my best to keep not only myself, but three little ones dry as well! I love umbrellas, especially when they are as cute as the ones below, but typically I’d need an extra hand or two to manage holding one in addition to my littles. In/out of the car, buckling/unbuckling carseats, loading groceries…..anyone else with me? Obviously I get much use out of the hood on my rain coat! I also get much use out of the Starbucks drive-through….but that happens rain or shine ;) Here are some ideas to keep you looking stylish and dry the next time a storm passes by…


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