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Happy Friday guys! Today also happens to be my birthday…yay?! I love birthdays, but just as I’d love to slow the years down for my kids, I’d also throw that request in for myself. 30’s are kind of fun and I want them to stay around as long as they can. To start off my day, I requested to be able to (finally) get into the gym and get my butt kicked in class. This is an area of my life that I have been slacking in since Audrey came along. It’s been tough logistically (a nursing baby at home along with a toddler makes things tricky), but I’m dying to get back in. For those that are local, you should check out PYP studio and you’ll quickly see why I’m so eager to get back! I won’t likely be a regular yet, but it’s only a matter of time since it’s flying by!

As for the outfit…I call this my it’s kind of cold but I’m not ready for a coat so I’ll just layer up and run my errands outfit. I also just saw another video on the importance of buckling your kids into carseats without their coats on, and they also mentioned the same goes for adults. We are safer buckled in without the added layers which I never realized. So there you have it, my coatless looks are actually keeping me safe! Sorry for the tangents today, apparently my brain is a little scattered at the moment ;)







Details: Madewell sweater / LOFT denim / Madewell tote / LOFT hat / Scarf (similar) / Boots (similar)


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