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Plaid Cape


Need another great reason to love fall? Capes. How could it get much better than wrapping yourself in a blanket and calling yourself stylish?! Especially for all of my pregnant friends (no, I am not, but many friends and family are), you need to run with this look. With quite the array ranging from oversized scarves to structured jackets, capesĀ are certainly making a statement. Although mine has sold out online, it can still be found in stores and I have a bunch of options for you to check out below as well!







Details: Old Navy cape (sold out online, see options below) / LOFT shirt (similar) / Boots / Madewell tote / Stella & Dot pendant and monogram necklaces


  • Robin Christensen says:

    Hi Marissa! Yes, I had a lovely weekend! Full of terror and dread about the direction this country is going in! Looks like you could be a Trump supporter? Nothing at all wrong with that – I respect your right to vote for whomever you choose. But to not acknowledge the horror of over half the population is, in my opinion really tasteless. Good thing you have lots of links to more stuff people can buy, because that truly will make the world a better place.

    • marisa says:

      Hi Robin. I totally respect your opinion and I can see how you might feel that way. This blog has always been focused on personal style, my family and favorite recipes I come across. Politics is not something that I feel qualified to comment on and choose to leave that to other sources of media, both positive and negative. Thanks for your feedback.

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