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We’ve been tackling our fair share of projects around our home since moving in this past summer and today I’m sharing with you our most recent and one of my favorites! I’m a huge fan of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. If you aren’t yet, you need to be watching. Joanna is incredibly talented and her decorating style is so creative and right up my alley (along with tens of thousand of others!). My husband, Jack, works in the creative field and finally has his own home office. I knew he needed an inspiring place to work each day but I was lacking inspiration myself! I wanted something that would really make an impact and when I ran the idea of Joanna’s piped shelving past Jack, he loved it. I’m not going to get into any specifics on measurements etc, but I’ll lead you to the blog post that we used as reference here. I can tell you though, that I think you may need more than one day to tackle this project unless you or someone you’re working with is extremely handy.

I have to hand it to my husband, we’ve never been in an environment where we’ve had to or been able to work on many household projects. We moved from the city with a hammer and a screwdriver in terms of tools ;) So let me give him a huge shout out for tackling all he has, and for YouTube for helping us figure out what we’ve needed! He may not agree, but I love this shot of him as he assembled the pipes in preparation. That chair came from my grandmother’s basement and we plan on refinishing it for Madelyn’s room. But for now, it’s all his :)


After cleaning the pipes, Jack spray painted them in a matte black and purchased pine wood planks. He then stained them in a satin pecan finish. There was a LOT of precise measuring to make sure that all of the screws lined up with the studs and all of the pipes were flush and level.


After all of his hard work, I sat and stared at his massive piles of books with a blank stare. I settled on color blocking them which I think turned out looking very cool. There are still things that need to be added, but for the moment, it’s done.



The room remains far from finished, but this is the rug that we used from Ikea. My girlfriend has had this in her kid’s playroom for a while now and she gave it two thumbs up for wear and tear. Jack loved it for it’s creative appeal and you can’t beat the price!


I’ll circle back around to this room once it’s a bit more complete so you can see how it all turns out!



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