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Happy Friday, guys! I’m assuming that a large number of you are Pinterest addicts like me, am I right? I’ve been a junkie since their beginning days when you actually had to be invited to use it. It’s such a genius idea that had most of us wondering, ‘why didn’t I think of that?!’ I throw everything on my boards as many of us do, including clothing and accessories as I come across items that catch my eye.┬áSometimes I purchase the items and other times I don’t. What helps with these decisions is when I am able to picture the ways I can actually style the pieces and see how they’ll fit into my wardrobe.┬áCase in point, the short-sleeved sweatshirt and lace dress pictured below. You can see how I styled the sweatshirt to fit into my everyday life with a pair of jeans that I already own (they’re amazing and perfect for summer), my Madewell tote (that I’ve had for years) and a pair of summer sneakers that were also on my board. The dress was beautiful on it’s own, but by adding a cute clutch, heels and some pretty baubles (I just couldn’t decide which I liked best!) I could really start to picture how it would look on me. Now I want them both….see how that works? ;)


Outfit 1: sweatshirt / denim / sunglasses / tote / sneakers

Outfit 2: dress / clutch / sunglasses / shoes / earrings 1 / earrings 2 / earrings 3

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