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Pink + Pink

Happy Monday, all! I hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend. You may have caught on my Insta-stories how we ripped out our front landscaping, and by we I mean my brother (the landscaper) and my husband (the guy that loves ripping up anything)! We now have nice piles of dirt that I get to stare at all week long until they fill it in with beautiful new landscaping this coming weekend. We’ve been in our home for over a year and a half but I’m still getting a handle on maintaining a home…landscaping and all that goes into it included! You’ll have to follow along over the weekend to see the end result! My trust is in my brother ;) And if you’re local, his company does great work!!

I know you’ve seen this sweater before and I know some of you grabbed it before it sold out. And if you didn’t, I’m sorry! But to make up for it, I’ve tracked down a bunch of other adorable pink tops that I think will make up for it ;) The gist of the outfit anyway, is pairing pink with pink. This is how I had envisioned wearing this sweater from the moment I saw it, I just had to let the weather catch up to my plans!

Details: JCrew sweater (options below) / Zara pants (similar) / Shoes via TJMaxx (similar here and less expensive version here) / LeSpecs sunglasses

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