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Packing the Hospital Bag

I haven’t officially started packing my bag for the hospital yet, but I figured I would put this post together as a resource I can turn to as soon as I get my act together! When it came to having my first child, I think I spent more time researching what to take to the hospital than the time I spent¬†actually in the hospital! I also now realize that although I may be on lock-down at the hospital, my husband will not be and he’ll be able to run out for anything I find myself missing. Overall, I like to pack things that will help me feel as comfortable and fresh as possible (as many of you know, birthing a baby leaves you feeling just the opposite!). I’ll bring a few things for the baby, including a handful of kimono tops (which your hospital likely gives out as well) and bottoms because babies ruin more clothing in a day than I like to count. I’ll also include a sweet outfit for her trip home…which she’ll likely ruin as well ;)




1) Weekender: A weekender bag seems to be the perfect size to hold everything you need for your hospital trip. I have this one from Anthropologie which is extra roomy, I love it.

2) Comfy Clothes: I ordered this t-shirt from ILY Couture, the same place I got my ‘wifey’¬†and ‘preggers’ tees. And these jersey sweats pair perfectly with it, not to mention the comfort level. I’m also throwing in my Wilfred sweater (that wears like a sweatshirt) because you can never predict the temperature in hospitals. That in addition to out of whack hormones! This category also includes comfortable undies (ie granny underwear). I stocked up on some at TJMaxx that were inexpensive but will feel like heaven during those postpartum days. I don’t even want to think about bikini underwear!

3) Footwear: I always like to have my slippers and a pair of flip-flops for the shower.

4) Pillow: Being pinned to a hospital bed for somewhere around 2 days is less than appealing, but having your own pillow can make a world of difference. Just don’t leave it behind when you leave!

5) Beauty: I’ll most definitely be including my skincare products, shampoo, a touch of product and my tinted moisturizer to feel somewhat put together and presentable for visitors. Although we all know they won’t be there to see me ;)

6) Chapstick: This one gets a category all to itself, because this is something you do not want to forget. Dry lips are inevitable!

7) Lansinoh: If you’re nursing, you’ll want this! Oh and a nursing bra, that’s a must.

8) Snacks: Hospital food is, well, hospital food. I always seem to crave fresh fruit in the time after delivery. Kind bars are also perfect to satisfy hunger, but I’m willing to bet they end up being more for my husband than myself ;)

9) For the Baby: This is the take home outfit that my daughter, Madelyn wore home. I have yet to decide if I’ll be getting baby girl #2 a different outfit or letting her start borrowing from her big sis! I’ll also throw in some kimono tops/onesies for her. Their little heads always seem so fragile as they just come into the world and pulling tops off and on is much more difficult than being able to wrap them in a kimono piece. Oh and itty bitty socks to keep her warm! Some people also throw in their Boppy, which is a must at home, but in the hospital I’ve always been fine propping them up with pillows.

10) Other essentials: I didn’t show a few obvious essentials, but you’ll certainly need your phone, charger, camera, toothbrush, toothpaste etc.


It’ll be a whirlwind for sure, but at least feeling prepared allows you to enjoy your new little miracle as best you can :)


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