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Packable Down


January through March are the months where winter really settles in and I often find myself in a constant state of being cold. A few years ago I was all over the super puffy down coats. Especially during the years that I worked and commuted into NYC, I was bundled and warm and ready for the elements. Although I still wear them now and then, I’ve more recently turned to the more compact down coats that are readily available. I purchased this navy one last year and due to the amount of wear it has gotten I added a green one to my closet this year. They are greatĀ for day to day, especially if you find yourself in and out of the car often. A perfect layer of warmth without unnecessary bulk. And for those of you around young kids, they easily wipe clean from any slobber/drool/grime etc. unlike wool coats ;)








Details: Down coat (see other options below) / SheIn scarf c/o / LOFT denim / Sperry boots


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