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Our Home: Master Bedroom

Our home is a work in progress. For someone like me, whose taste and style is constantly evolving, I’m learning to embrace the fact that no room in our home will ever be ‘finished’. I’m working on a talk I’m giving to our local MOP’s group and the topic will revolve around ‘Making your House your Home’. Being that they will all be mothers of young children, I want to enforce the fact that our homes will never be perfect. We all have a to-do list that’s miles long, a wish-list that may or may not ever be completely checked off and rooms that turn themselves upside down as soon as you turn your back. Our house is no different.

I feel an added pressure being that part of my career has become helping clients design rooms and specify color to showcase their spaces. Well, to my surprise no one has cared that things aren’t ever perfect in my home. It is lived in and loved and the best compliment I have ever received is that our house feels ‘homey’. In the end, that’s all I want. I want my kids to feel safe and loved and our guests to feel comfortable and welcomed in our home. My friends may laugh as I chase our kids around with a sweeper but hey, a girls gotta clean what a girls gotta clean!

Back to our master bedroom. This room came together piece by piece. It’s not a fancy space by any means with any architectural details, but it was a perfect blank palette that I had before me. Rooms often evolve from one source of inspiration for me and in this case it was our ‘love’ pillow that I found at a local decor shop. I had always had busy bedding in the past and knew I wanted something more subtle that would allow me to play with prints and bolder colors in the rest of the space without making the room feel too overwhelming. This Pottery Barn quilt has worked perfectly for us. We keep a bed blanket underneath and the extra quilt folded on top of the bed for when we need it during the winter.

The drapes are actually the second set that I’ve had in here. The first set I had was pretty, but when I laid eyes on these at HomeGoods one day I knew it’s what we needed. This is part of the reason I try not to rush decorating. In time, the right thing will always pop up. These nightstands followed shortly after and I haven’t regretted the bold choice since. Try not to worry about trendy colors, but focus on colors that speak to you and you’ll have a much deeper and longer lasting love for your space.

Jack and I have had these dressers since we were married. They aren’t likely what I’d pick today, but changing our furniture with every new color trend isn’t an option. They are classic enough and add depth to our room and so they will remain.

Our wedding photo actually served as our guest book and that’s another decision I don’t regret. It’s remained in our bedroom through every rental we’ve been in over the years and I love having it next to our bed now. Our kids love to make fun of us kissing as we cuddle together on weekend mornings.

This space above our tall dresser remained blank the first few years in our home. I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted there! I saw the ‘love’ sign one day at Target and then everything fell into place for me. I pulled the frames out of our basement and within an afternoon it was done. Again, all about timing.

This is my favorite candid picture that we have. There’s a whole big story as to why my son was even at this wedding, but that little kiss is what I’ll always remember about it.

Let me wrap up by saying that yes, I removed some of the clutter that’s ever evident in our room for the sake of pretty photos. Laundry baskets and kids toys scattered all over the floor are what make this place ours and I hope you are able to leave here not seeking perfection, but taking the time to wait and find the things that speak to you the most and enable you to create a space of your own that you’ll enjoy walking into each and every day.



Paint Color: SW Accessible Beige
Bed: Pottery Barn (similar)
Quilt: Pottery Barn
Bed Blanket (not shown): Serena & Lily
Bench: Home Goods (similar)
Drapes: Home Goods
Lamp: Pottery Barn
Jewelry Box: Pottery Barn (similar)
Love sign: Target (similar)
Nightstands: Home Goods (similar/similar)
Bedside lamps: Home Goods (similar)
Ceiling light: Pottery Barn


  • Maggie says:

    Anywhere you’ve found similar curtains I just love the bright color of these! They’re so pretty! Thanks!

  • Rose says:

    Can you share the manufacture/brand of the curtains? I would love to find the same ones, they are exactly what I have been looking for.

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