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Happy Monday, all! I hope you had a great weekend. We spent Mother’s Day with family yesterday cooking out despite the rain that fell for the majority of the day. The kids and my husband made me breakfast in bed and then my girls quickly devoured every last bite, lol. That basically sums up motherhood, does it not?! The funny thing is that seeing that happen prior to being a mother would have driven me crazy. But as a mother, you somehow aren’t bothered but satisfied that your kids are being nourished. To this day, my mother would still give me anything off of her plate, as I’m sure yours would too!

The rain did manage to ruin any chance of getting photos done with my littles, so instead I decided to jump ahead and share some of my favorite swimsuits as Memorial Day is only two weeks away! One-pieces are my go-to and I adore all of the different styles you can find them in. One shoulder ruffles (for under $20), Bold prints, pretty florals, fun cut-outs and stripes to name a few. I love a good solid suit as well, check out the criss cross back on this one. The best part is, I was able to dig up some of the best that are all under $100! I also recommend checking out your local TJMaxx. I’ve found a number of suits at great prices when I check early enough in the season. Once summer hits, they end up pretty picked over.

Share in the comments which suit you’d pick. I’d love to hear what everyone is most drawn to!


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