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Some weeks I can tell the day by how casual my outfit has gotten, haha. Or maybe it’s in how busy my schedule is? Regardless, there are days when I know my productivity level will remain stronger if I am wearing more of an on-the-go outfit. And speaking of, on-the-go, thank you all for your kind words and feedback on Wednesday’s home design post!  We’re all so thrilled with how it turned out. My schedule lately has been packed full of kids activities, school events/planning, design meetings and blog work…all great things that I’m so thankful for! Now I just need a great date night to balance everything out :)

These sneakers arrived this week and if you follow on Instagram, you may know that I’ve had my eye on them for a few months. I was debating between colors, but am so happy that I went with grey. Thanks to all of you that put forth that vote ;) They are the perfect on-the-go sneaker (I’ll stop saying on-the-go now, I promise), leave me feeling like I’m walking on air, and are cute enough to pair with some of my everyday outfits. This fleece turtleneck was also a recent purchase when Anthro had a 25% off sale, but I’d venture to say this guy is worth full price. But you can always throw one in your cart and hope for the best as I typically do!

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Any good costume parties happening??

Details: Anthropologie top / Jacket (similar here and here) / Madewell denim / NB sneakers

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