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favsweater3Since the cold weather doesn’t appear to be leaving us anytime soon (and by cold, I now mean anywhere from -15 – 30 degrees F) I find myself turning to sweaters that I know will keep me from shivering as I run around town. This sweater has been in my closet for years and it remains a favorite of mine. It’s thick but has enough structure and shape that keeps it from feeling boxy. They still make similar styles of this sweater that just so happen to be on sale right now. This coat is also available in various colors (I snagged the mint last year) at a great price. Looks like I’ll be continuing to turn to both of these for a while longer!








 Details: JCrew coat / TNA sweater via Artitzia / JCrew shirt  / Gap jeans / Madewell tote / RayBan aviators / JCrew factory necklace (gifted) / Tiffany bow necklace / DV Dolce Vita booties (similar)



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